The Juice Wars are OVER… and Nobody Won!

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Oct 222012

This message is an urgent insider alert about the Next Big Thing!

Remember the great results you used to get drinking one of those exotic juices? Or the masses of people that joined all those businesses? Well, hows that working out for those people and those companies now?? Exactly… Not so good!

I like to say, “The juice wars are over and nobody won!” Changing comp plans, watering down products, overpriced products in a down economy, poor management decisions, all played a part in the demise of many once-great opportunities. Eventually, common sense prevails and people smarten up on move on.

What if there was a company thats primary focus was NOT all about corporate profits and it’s shareholders but rather was “by design” focused on the distributors getting results and having success?

YOU would have a fighting change for success – wouldn’t you?

GBG International IS that kind of company and is a game changer in our industry.

Watch this short 3 min. video from GBG founder and CEO, Stuart Finger as he shares the mission of GBG.

GBG International has recently released a game changing product that is getting people the real results they remember – Not just another exotic berry or fruit from a far away land but a real science based product thats function has hundreds-of-thousands of verified clinical studies of its efficacy in the human body. That product is called MA+IGP and it is a unique Glutathione Precursor that works at the cellular level enabling your own body to heal itself as nature intended.

As an opportunity, the testimonies are pouring in, the doctors are getting involved, and people are making life-time commitments (cha-ching… residual income) about using this product.

I was there in the early days of Goji… I know what it looks like when a product begins to take flight. If you are involved in those early days, you stand to make a true fortune. If it’s with a company that’s all about distributor success – it can last a lifetime. If you have never made, or are no longer making at least $8000/month in our industry – this may be your shot!MA+IGPCan

This is a game changer. Large incomes are earned when an exciting new product enters the marketplace. Opportunity driven products do not come around often. And, when they do, take action and stay in front of the trend!

You may not know about GBG International yet, but, with the release MA+IGP it is becoming the buzz. And, when you learn about it, you will be glad you found it when you did! Your timing is perfect.

Just Push Play

Simple yet Powerful tools are all set up to tell the story for you so you and your team can have rapid success by just sharing a short video. Take 12 minutes to see what I mean:


Are you an Analog Marketer struggling in a Digital World??

Our recently launched, yet proven Postcard Marketing System is something even your grandmother can do. Using this system will make your life easy, your business duplicatable, and will add an additional profit center to your business building efforts. You won’t even have to lick stamps…. remember, they’re self adhesive these days!



GBG – Designed by networkers for networkers

Stuart Finger

GBG is a 10+ year old Vacaville, California, based company that was founded and is owned by Stuart Finger, a long time mega-producer in the Network Marketing Industry. Stuart created GBG to put distributor profits ahead of corporate profits so that more people can succeed.

Stuart Finger

This is a different equation in Network Marketing and a game changer.

Stuart and his co-owner Michael Kahn get paid exclusively through the same compensation plan as you and I get paid. You do not have owners here who want to limit distributor earnings as that will only limit their own earnings! This unique structure protects you from ever having to deal with crazy, greedy, or unethical ownership, ever again.

The owners support you like they’re your upline because they are your upline!

GBG runs a lean corporate office, but that does not mean they stint on services to the distributor. They just do not use those services as additional profit centers.

GBG pays out 65% to distributors with no breakage, gimmicks, gotchas, or fuzzy math.

GBG is in the midst of a massive international roll-out that is being driven by distributors and the use of Social Media.

GBG is introducing a state-of-the-art web site, mobile media platform and marketing system. The new back office will allow you to connect your business directly with all major Social Media services to help promote your business and give you up to the second reporting on what is happening in your business.

Free business for you

What makes GBG extraordinary for you is that there is no cost to start your business! When you join, you get a free personalized standard web site and no distributor kit to purchase!

Lowest monthly qualifier in the industry

No matter what title you achieve, you have the same low monthly qualifier. Just one $40 or $65 product every month is all you need to get paid on all of the volume in your business. You can make money from day one! And the low cost means that you will see one of the highest monthly reorder rates – over 92% – in the industry. That means real residual income for you.

GBG has created a buzz in the industry by giving average people the opportunity to create a serious residual income with a simple 1-bottle-a-month qualification and a revolutionary copyrighted pay plan to match.

Dine with the classes by selling to the masses


GBG’s phenomenal product plan is based on the same concepts as its business plan: Value Priced Products for the widest possible market, formulated for highest quality. GBG now offers two, hyper-focused, opportunity driven products to keep things simple for new people.

Along with the new MA+IGP, GBG’s foundation opportunity product has been our 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins. This is a product everyone needs that is priced so everyone can afford it. It is ideal for children and seniors and everyone in between who will consume them month after month. It is called “10-in-One” because it contains Ten (actually now 12!) different products in one tasty, chewable tablet. Most people will no longer need to take handfuls of pills every day! At $39.97, it is easily the most benefit, for the least money.

You can easily earn big money with GBG

Easy ButtonThe GBG Compensation Plan gives you six different ways to earn with a plan designed to give money now to people just getting started, to reward the part timer for staying with their business, and to shower wealth on the over-achiever. As I said before, all you have to do to earn is purchase a single product that you would want to use anyway! GBG pays weekly and monthly – all new sales are paid out weekly.

1) Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly on all new sales

GBG pays you a 10% bonus on all new product and Platinum Pack sales to a new customer or distributor. And, if you are a Platinum Distributor, that bonus is doubled to 20%. This means that you will earn $4 or $8 on every bottle of Ten-in-One that you sell and up to $40 or $80 on every Platinum Pack you sell.

2) Enroller Bonus is paid every month when customers re-order

You will earn between 10% and 25% on the volume your personally enrolled customers do every month.  The higher your personally enrolled volume, the higher the percentage you will earn. For instance, if you have a personally enrolled volume of only $1500, you would earn an extra $300 each month – And that’s just from you own efforts, even if you have NOT enrolled one distributor.

3)  Worldwide Profit Pools pay you piece of all company sales

When you have achieved only $5000 in Group Volume, you will start earning a share of the worldwide sales of the company. No other company has such an easy qualification. Of course, the greater your Group Volume, the more pools you are entered in and the more you will make.

 4) Car / House / Anything Leadership Bonus

Some companies reward their leaders with a car – GBG just gives you the cash so you can spend it – or not – however you want. Distributors with Group Volumes over $25,000 a month can earn from $250 to $25,000 dollars extra, each and every month.

5) Copyrighted Regenerating 2 x 30 Matrix

Stuart Finger has solved the problem all other matrix programs have with a unique plan that is so special, he has even copyrighted it! The key element is something Stuart calls Pay Points.

Pay Points and Copyrighted Regenerating 2 x 30 Matrix

Briefly, when you enroll your 3rd distributor/customer, and for every additional one after that, the company gives you another spot in your matrix that is a fully qualified clone of your original position.

That new position gets paid on the volume under it, and you also get paid for the volume under it. This means that you can get paid 2-3-4-5 or more times for the same volume! How many times do you want to get paid for the same volume? And each of the clone positions earns up to 30 levels below their position!

Become Profitable in Your 1st 30 days… Start as a Platinum

Platinum Distributors are serious part-time and full-time distributors who have decided to setup their business by purchasing a $199.97 or $399.97, tax-deductible, Platinum Pack. Platinum Packs provide product samples and literature, at discount prices, to facilitate moving your business forward, faster.

The other tangible benefits of becoming a Platinum Distributor are :

  • You get double Fast Start Bonuses.
  • You are instantly qualified to be paid 10 levels in the matrix so you can immediately start collecting on any spillover you happen to get.
  • Once you are a Platinum, you are always a Platinum – you never need to qualify again.
  • Enroll Just 3 People with a $199.97 Platinum Action Pack in your 1st 30 days and receive an additional Bonus of $80! That’s $40+$40+$40+$80 = $200 bucks back! From that point on, you are in pure profit!

How do you want to get started?

Timing is critical with our unique Regenerating Forced Matrix Plan. The sooner you get positioned for $39.97, the better off you will be to benefit from the impact of hyper growth in our matrix. Everyone can enroll as they want, but after the first two, a tremendous amount of spillover can be created helping others on the team. With any matrix compensation plan, position and timing are of the essence. We want to be very clear what all this can mean to YOU.


If you are serious about making money with GBG, you absolutely want to get started as a Platinum. You can do that for as little as $199.97 with our “Platinum Action Pack.” Help 3 others start that way within your first 30 days and receive $200 in commissions – that is like starting for free plus you have all that product to try!

Please feel free to email us at: or call us at our home 860-352-2027

The choice is uniquely yours – choose success,



Adam Levy, 100k Presidential Platinum

Canton, CT USA

“Don’t let ‘life’ get in the way of creating a lifestyle!”